About Branded

Branded is about a lot of things.

It’s about Ultimate, advertising, adulthood, misadventures and real adventures, perspective, photography, the process of writing, building healthy habits and everything in between. At the end of the day it’s about how you see yourself and how you see the things around you. It’s about what your decisions tell others about you and what their decisions tell you about them. It’s about image as you perceive it and as others perceive you. And of course, in no small part, it’s about all those things and how I apply them to myself.

When I re-launched Branded in January 2012 I removed everything I had posted previously, including the original first post, which in many ways set the stage for what Branded is. One small snippet of it read like this:

“…I was midway through grad school and desperately hoping I’d come out of it with more than just a pile of debt to show, meanwhile every professor was asking the same question, “What is your brand?” It was really just another way for them to ask, “Who are you, and how will you build your professional image?”

Although I understand the importance of the question, I can’t help but see the absurdity in it as well. Expecting anyone to be able to define their professional image before they’ve landed with even one foot in the professional world is laughable. Every graduate program may talk about “the real life experience,” but lets be honest here– grad school is a far cry from a real job.

How can you define yourself and your career, before taking your first step down that road?

Instead of the all important, “Who am I,” I would much rather answer, “Who do I want to be?” To that end, there’s two other questions I have to ask myself first. “Who have I been in the past, and how can I improve on that in the next step of my journey?”

These questions are really the crux of Branded. They are at the center of growing up, being a professional, and figuring out how to survive your twenties. (Let’s not overachieve here- I’ll shoot for survival and if good stuff happens along the way, all the better!)

I hope you enjoy reading Branded as much as I enjoy writing it, and thank you for visiting!



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