Down at Ala Moana Park

“The best camera to shoot with is the one you have with you.”

I’m not really sure who said this first, but it’s a great piece of advice. It’s one of the reasons I’m making an effort to bring my Nikon with me everywhere this month. So last Thursday I headed out to Ala Moana park, with the intention of grabbing some sunset pictures. I’m at the park every Thursday night for a Ultimate conditioning practice, and I always wish I had a camera with me.

The mile long park is part grass, part beach and situated right next to the city and right before Honolulu turns into Waikiki. Every Thursday I watch the sun go down, leaving soft trails over the beach and on the city’s skyline and wish I had my Nikon with me.

Well, I didn’t end up getting sunset pictures. Practice went to late, and it was dark by the time we finished. But I did get something unexpected.

Arial acrobatics classes. Where else, but Hawaii, can you expect to find this sort class being done at the local park?




There was something very serene about watching them practice their routines, in the calm of the park. I was almost disappointed when it was time to leave for Ultimate. And it was great practice for shooting on aperture priority mode!

There are just a few of the shots I got. A full gallery of shots can be found here.



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