Advertising Campaign of the Week: Dove – Thought Before Action

I absolutely love Dove’s “Real Beauty” campaign. It was the campaign that made me want to pursue advertising. Well, Dove’s “Real Beauty” and Chick-fil-A’s “Eat mor chikin.”

As different as the campaigns were, they taught me a unifying lesson. That you could go against the grain and win. If your idea was big enough and your message inspired enough, one idea could make a huge impact.

So when I saw Dove’s newest stunt, I knew I had to share. For anyone following the the marketing or photography industries, I’m sure you’ve seen this already. But for those of you who have not, here’s the latest from Dove: Thought Before Action.

What do you think? Will this have the impact that Dove hopes it will have?

As a piece of awareness building advertising, I think this is great, however I do believe there is one fatal flaw: the target audience. The users of this Photoshop action are most likely the production level designers, doing touch-ups on models. Whether they agree with the Dove’s message or not, they are not the idea generators behind a campaign or the final decision makers before an ad goes to print.

To really make a difference Dove needs a concept that will target the decision makers: art directors  creative directors, and ultimately, the clients.

Campaign by Ogilvy Canada, via The Inspiration Room.


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