Goals for 2013

Better late than never, right?

At the very end of 2011 I wrote a self-evaluation post, trying to pinpoint some challenges in growing Branded and blogging reliably. I knew these were things I needed to work on if I was ever going to improve my writing and keep Branded up for a year:

  • Over-thinking and over-editing
  • Verbosity
  • Applying priorities to all my hobbies
  • Managing and making time to write
  • Balance between work and personal life

The last two months of 2012 and first two months of 2013 aside, I think I did a good job on most of these goals. I managed to put my inner editor aside and write more, with less angst over whether it could be written better. I cut down on some of that pesky verbosity, although a part of me is always going to love big words and long sentences. I made time in the evenings and the weekends to write, around Ultimate and everything else that I love to do. I did completely and utterly fail at finding a better balance between work and my personal life, but I think that’s always going to be the case and maybe not a bad thing. It resulted in a promotion that skipped over the next “junior” level and went straight to  Account Executive from Assistant AE, so really no complaints here.

Even with the last four months being so busy I had to let Branded fall by the wayside, I still found time to pursue other important things, like lots of travel, lots of family, lots of Ultimate and lots of photography. Even some writing, although none of it was posted here.

So what are my goals for 2013?

  • More photos. Improve my technical skills with a camera. Take better, clearer, sharper images. Learn to translate what I’m looking at into the picture I take.
  • Travel a lot. There’s another cross country adventure in the works, and I can’t wait to get started on it.
  • Read more. Read biographies, fantasy, business books, history books, blogs, photography books. Read everything I can get my hands on and remember why I loved it so much as a chil
  • Ultimate! Condition harder, play harder, throw further and get a layout D this year!
  • And of course write more. In Branded, journals, letters, and stories. Write about everything. Write at least once a day. And document this crazy end to my Hawaiian adventure, and the beginning of what I hope will be a much longer adventure back on the East Coast.



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