Jack o’ pineapples

Because Jack ‘o lanterns just didn’t seem Hawaiian enough…

Step 1: Cut off the top of the pineapple and begin removing flesh

Step 2: Remove flesh by cutting into quarters, and then diagonally towards the center of the pineapple. Remove and eat in chunks.

Step 3: Remove the bottom core

Step 4: Hollow out the pineapple as much as possible with a knife

Step 5: Cut a face into your pineapple

Step 6: Light and enjoy!

It was a lot easier once we cored the bottom of the pineapple. We didn’t even have to put the core back in. We just cut a tea light sized hole, lit the candle and then dropped the pineapple on it.

Cutting the faces out proved to be more difficult than expected. Incision lines just disappear into the pineapple creases. Luckily lopsided faces seemed to fit the tone of the project.

Overall, a worthwhile and fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


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