AAAND….. for this week’s advertising campaign of the week…

..the Coca Cola Happiness Project is back!

Hands down one of my most favoritest campaigns of all time. (Yes, I just used most favoritest as a valid descriptor. Neither “most” nor “favorite” on their own or together aptly describe how much I love the Happiness Project, and not just because I am wholly brand loyal to Coca Cola. I don’t even drink soda any more (most of the time anyways), but Coca Cola is and always will be one of my love marks.

One reason I love Coke? Their advertising is phenomenal, and the Happiness Project is just one of many examples of that.

So without further gushing, here’s the latest edition, launched in Korea:

Some day I am going to live in a city that is hit by the Coca Cola Happiness Project… I hope anyways! It’d be so cool just to sit and watch all this unwind, right? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this kind of advertising and what it does for a brand.

Campaign via Creative Criminals



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