Other blogs you should probably check out

OK, I will admit this post is a little bit of a cop out. In my defense I worked something akin to a 60ish hour workweek last week, including a Saturday which is normally one of my blog writing days. The good news is we got the project out (YAY OrangeRoc!), but I’ll admit Branded and through a Branded lens suffered a bit of neglect. Good news, next week should be back to a normal 3-4 day a week posting schedule, along with everything else (exercising, photo taking, sleeping, cooking real meals) all back to normal – I hope – as well.

So without further ado, explanations or excuses, here’s some blogs that are definitely worth checking out:

Advertising: Adpitch Blog
Design: Cat in Water
Writing: Cristian Mihai
Photography: Canadian Hiking Photography
Ultimate: Skyd Magazine
Advice: Captain Awkward


Information redaction: I wrote this post Sunday and was clearly suffering from a case of wishful thinking. But regardless of the project that won’t die, next week should still return to a regular posting schedule.


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