Advertising Campaign of the Week: Catroulette

And now, back to our regularly schedule programming…

Thanks for bearing with me through the hiatus week and the brag about Maui week. Now that things are more or less back to normal, Branded will resume it’s usual 3-4 times a week posting, with a guaranteed ACoW and Weekly Photo Challenge post.

This week’s ACoW is brought to you by Creative Criminals, and let me just say, I’m glad I don’t live in Belgium, because it totally would have worked on me!

Based off the idea of Chatroutette, this is CATroulette, a website that matches perspective owners up with cats that are up for adoption. If you’re an animal lover, beware. It will have you wanting to adopt a cat straight from Belgium! I don’t think Kaie would be too happy sharing her people with another cat, but how do you say no to a cat that’s already been “nexted” 6,655 times?

Campaign by Famous, Brussels via Creative Criminals



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