Maui No Ka Oi – Part 2

I considered turning this out into two posts, but decided not to drag it out. We saw two pretty cool things on Sunday. The first was Haleakala. It took us almost 2 hours to drive to the top, and it was so cold by the time we got there, we actually had to put the top back on. The drive was totally worth the view though.

The second cool thing we saw was this tree:

Why was it so cool? Because if you look closely you’ll notice what looks like several Banyan trees, is actually one large tree, that’s put down multiple trunks.

As the branches grew out, the tree kept putting more roots down. In some places you can see where the town put supports in place to help the tree.

and… that’s all I have on Maui!

I’m still sorting through pictures and editing them. Check Branded Lens next week for some of the other ones I took!



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