Maui No Ka Oi – Part 1

The plan for Saturday was a beach day. We didn’t want to go anywhere near the evil Jeep. We just wanted to sit back and enjoy the beach, ocean and sun. Except neither one of us is really any good at beach days. Dave burns too easily. And I’m terrible at sitting still. (Seriously, even when I’m watching TV I have to be photo editing or knitting or something). So instead we pulled the top off the Jeep, it was surprisingly easy to figure out once we had a full night’s sleep and a youtube video to guide us.

So instead of a beach day, we had a drive around the west half of the island day. I meant to get some more pictures, but it just didn’t work well. We figured we’d drive for awhile, and then turn around and stop at all the lookout points on the way back. But before we could turn back the road turned into a single lane road, winding around hairpin turns, and with cars trying to drive in both directions. At that point pulling off into the lookouts became mostly too dangerous. I did get a couple good shots during the day though, and we saw some amazing lookouts.

Good day, and the best was still to come! More on Maui tomorrow!



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