Advertising Campaign of the Week: Australian Bananas

I’m a pretty big believer in you are what you eat, and you should think about what you’re putting in your body during meal times. Now, admittedly, high mindedness aside, it’s hard to resist cravings sometimes. We had a goodbye party for a co-worker this week, and the cookies and bite-sized candies stayed with us for the rest of this week. Definitely not a high point in my attempts to live healthier- this also explains why my weekend run and HUCC practice today felt SO bad. In theory I can run about 2 miles pretty consistently, but half a lap around the field in this morning and my head was pounding. Which just goes to show you, practice was you preach and eat healthy!

So with that in mind, is it any wonder that I love this Australian campaign that brands Bananas as the Nature’s Energy snack? (I love bananas. Throw one on some oatmeal or yogurt in the morning, and I’m good to go for the rest of the morning!)

5 Minute High Poster

The integrated campaign targets 18-39 yr olds, features bus and tram advertising, as well as digital ads and TV and radio commercials. To  help hit home a little more, the ads are targeted to key snack periods during the day. Not only does this campaign feature my favorite breakfast food, but also the best of the advertising world, in media planning strategy! (Media Planners would be the people in the agency who do research on the key snack time periods, and then plan and negotiate for the commercials to run in those periods.) Really, there’s no wonder I’m featuring it this week!

No No Na na

Campaign by Elevencom via The Inspiration Room



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