DIY Curtains

I promised a DIY curtain project earlier, and here it is!

Just kidding… though this was the initial solution to the curtain problem. As it turns out it was a bad solution. It looked awful, fell down constantly (with the help of Kaie), and rustled horribly at night.

The problem is our walls are as hard as cement, and we’re not supposed to make holes in them anyways. Either way it doesn’t make a lot of sense to invest in curtains, when we’re here for a limited amount of time.

So here’s the solution I came up with:


  • 6 yards of cloth
  • 2 doles
  • 4 command strip hooks
  • Scissors
  • Piece of cardboard
  • Box cutter

Step 1: Cut the fabric to the right height. If you’re using linen, like I did, it’s really easy to get a straight line. Just make a small cut and then rip it the rest of the way across. Linen always rips straight.
Step 2: Cut slits across the top of fabric, about an inch or so apart. To make it easy I used a piece of cardboard, a box cutter, and cut both pieces of fabric at the same time.

Step 3: Place command strip hooks. I used the doles to make sure I placed them the hooks the right distance apart. I probably could have measured it, but that seemed like a lot of work.

Step 4: Run dole through the holes

Step 5: Defend project from cat while trying to run second dole through fabric

Step 6: Put up your DIY curtains, and enjoy!

Seriously, these were the easiest project in the world. The don’t block out all the light, but it’s close enough. What do you think of the project?



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