Kaie’s New Digs

I have a great travel cat. I mean really, she’s awesome at it. When I was in grad school I used to take Kaie with me to study sessions with me. She was just a kitten so she learned early that car trips meant good things. After Syracuse she moved back to Fairport with me, then to Florida, then back to Fairport and finally to Hawaii.

She travels great. I can put her in the carrier and she doesn’t even fight me. Actually, if I put it on the ground, she’ll actually stick her head in and meander in on her own. Seriously, what sort of cat does that? I used to have to wrap my other cats up in towels and shove them in. But not Kaie. Traveling just doesn’t bother her.

Of course, this comes at a price. See Kaie, the smart cat she is, has learned that with each move she can re-set her training period. And she doesn’t waste any time. All boundaries are up for testing-

Meowing at 5 am for her breakfast. (That’s actually fine since I’m up at 5 anyways. As long as she doesn’t meow before my alarm… and if she does, the pillows come out).

Jumping on tables, the fridge,and the cabinets. (This one’s not fine).

Clawing the couch. (Soft paws more or less make this a non-issue, but I still discourage it).

It’s nothing I haven’t re-trained before and for the most part she’s been good. There’s only been one real problem. High surfaces.

I couldn’t figure it out. She’s never been this bad about jumping on things before. First it was the window in the kitchen. Then she escalated to the fridge and after that the cabinets above the fridge. Now it’s not like I have a problem in theory with her being on the fridge, but I don’t like her on counters or tables and I really don’t like her on cabinets (which may or may not cave under her).

No amount of yelling, spanking or negative repercussions would stop her. Finally I decided on a two pronged approach.

First, tinfoil. Yes, I said tinfoil. I covered all her favorite surfaces with tinfoil, and to my surprise it worked.

She would put a paw on it, touch the tinfoil and then remove her paw. Sniff at it, put a paw back up, then quickly take it away. Jump on it, turn around once, then jump back off. It was actually funny to watch. I’m assuming it was a mix of the tinfoil’s feel under her paws and the noise it made every time she moved.

Secondly, a perch just for her. I finally realized that every other house or apartment she’d been in had a good perch for her. There was always a high window ledge for her to watch the world from. Except for this apartment. So instead of just punishing her for being a cat and wanting to be high up, I satisfied the urge she was feeling.

On a totally related but less practical note, it’s kind of a cool idea for a cat seat, right?



2 thoughts on “Kaie’s New Digs

  1. That’s such a good idea! One of my cats is a bit of an athlete and managed to teach the other two (who, up until then, had never even tried) how to jump onto the food counters. We’ve tried spraying them with water when they go there, but the food seems to be worth getting a little wet. I’ve never seen a perch that clips to a window before, though – I might have to investigate!

  2. I don’t think it would detour her if she thought there was something worth getting to on the counter (like my coffee!), but it has mostly stopped her ventures up onto the fridge. She loves it. One of the suction cups has come down once or twice, but it doesn’t really phase her. She just hangs out on the tilted seat and waits for us to fix it for her lol. We found this at Walmart, but I’ve seen similar products on Amazon 🙂

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