Advertising Campaign of the Week: Lego Olympics

What kind of advertising blog would this be if I didn’t highlight the Olympics this week? Predictable, I know, but at least there’s no shortage of good advertising to be had for the Olympics. All it took was a quick visit to The Inspiration Room and I knew exactly which campaign to show.

Now to be truthful, this isn’t a straight up advertising campaign, so much as it’s a marketing campaign. The lines are increasingly blurred between the two though, so I feel like this is close enough to the topic to post.

Lego Olympic action figures. Who doesn’t like Legos? And now you can own a limited addition Olympic Lego figure to line castle walls with and shoot off in a space craft! The 10 year old in me is in love with this idea.

The true genius behind the idea isn’t in the co-branding with the Olympics, though. It’s in the sales model. The Lego figures are sold in sealed mystery bags, so you never know which one you’re getting. Have a Lego-obsessed, Olympic loving 7-year old? Guess you’ll just have to keep buying those bags until she collects all eight figures!

Now, I will admit, I’m a little disappointed that only 3 of the 8 figures are girls, but since they made the judo fighter (not just the gymnast) a girl, I’m willing to let that one slide.

What do you think of this peice of branding by Lego? Would you buy a limited edition Olympian for “your kids”? (“Yeah sure… it’s a present… for my…uh…kid… mhmm) But really, you’re never to old to play with Legos!

Campaign via The Inspiration Room



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