ACoW: Germany Will Find You

Advertising Campaign of the Week: Germany Will Find You is a great example of social media done right and with the right cause:

The campaign lists off likes, impressions and all sorts of other ROI (return on investment) measurables, but the real measurable is how many children are recovered using social media as a tool.

Social media isn’t utilized the same in every culture and by every person, but to an extent there are consistencies in how people interact with Facebook versus Twitter versus 4Square. By measuring the effectiveness of a campaign like Germany Will Find You, and which tools are most helpful, other countries can see how best to deploy (or if it is worthwhile to deploy) a similar campaign within their own boarders.

My own personal feeling is that social media can’t fail but be helpful in the search for missing children, but then it all depends on how engaged the population is. The German population seems to be engaged, but this is one of the first base measures that we have for a campaign of this type and importance, so it’s hard to tell. I hope to see more similar campaigns soon along with the results on how they perform.

Campaign by Kempertrautmann, Hamburg via Creative Criminals


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