The day we didn’t explore Hale Ewa

The idea was to go out to North Shore this weekend and walk around the historic town, Hale Ewa. We ended up driving straight through the town, and just kept on driving:

We were driving when we saw the first parachuter in the air, then we started to see more and more. We chased them for awhile, until we found the landing field, and then we stopped to take pictures as they came down.

Dave really wants to try skydiving before we leave Hawaii. The pictures look awesome and all, but that’s a ground type perspective. I’m still really skeptical about how I’d feel about a birds eye view!

Just a little bit past the skydivers we saw what looked like a parachute landing in the water. At first we thought it was a particularly rough landing, but then we realized it was a bunch of para-sailors out on the water. Some windsurfers were there to. I know both are harder than they look, but I’d be much more interested in trying either, as opposed to jumping out of a plan.

Then we just kept driving until first we hit the end of the island.

Then, in the less documented end of our journey, we headed back to North Shore, ate lunch and some shaved ice and went home. A good adventure and a good Saturday!



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