ACoW: Project Imagin8tion

This is a little old, but considering my love for photography, worth an Advertising Campaign of the Week mention. Last year Cannon teamed up with Ron Howard and sponsored Project Imagin8ion. A true example of interactive and social marketing, Project Imagin8ion called for entrants to submit photos based on an excerpt of a script that they had been provided. The winning photos (8 in total), became the inspiration behind the culmination of the project, a short film directed by Ron Howard called, “When you Find Me.”

Each photo represented one of the following: setting, time, character, mood, relationship, goal, obstacle, and the unknown.

What’s great about this campaign is it really lent itself to full spectrum marketing. Each step of the process became part of the online discussion and the campaign. All entries were posted on the site, the winners were announced and got a chance to talk about their photos. The making of the film, the selection process, the commercial that launched the campaign (below), the movie trailer, and finally the movie itself were all shared on the site, with plenty of views and conversations from the participants.

And, it’s the type of campaign that has legs. This sort of project can be re-imagined and re-launched over and over again. As a matter of fact Cannon and Ron Howard are already preparing to launch their next project.

I didn’t get a chance to participate last time, but this time I definitely will. Anyone else?



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