My new kitchen cheat

My new kitchen cleaning cheat: baking soda. Anyone else discovered this one yet?

Cooking in a new oven always comes with some trial and error. In my case I’ve burnt two meals to my baking sheet this last week – cinnamon buns and mini pizza buns. It’s one of those insult to injury things. Not only did I burn the cinnabuns and make them virtually inedible, but then I had to spend an hour scrubbing the pan. Then I did it all over again with the mini pizzas!

As a teenager I would give up after about 10 minutes of scrubbing and resort to S.O.S. But that was when the parents were doing the cooking, buying and I wasn’t too concerned about scrubbing all the non-stick off the baking pans. Now I see it under a slightly different light, but after 10 minutes of scrubbing and no apparent progress I was definitely getting frustrated.

That’s when I remembered a completely unrelated article I’d read the other day (on home made teeth whinter) about baking soda cleaning anything and everything.

Why not? Totally worth a try.

So I sprinkled baking soda on the pan and kept scrubbing. I was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. It worked best when the pan was only damp, and I was scrubbing without the water running. I think it might actually work better than S.O.S., but without the side effect of taking the non-stick surface off. Best weekend find, by far!

Anyone have other good kitchen cleaning cheats?



One thought on “My new kitchen cheat

  1. White vinegar for greasy stuff. If you’re out of baking soda, coarse salt does a decent approximation. And, for the mid-level between baking soda and S.O.S, a small ball of tin foil works surprisingly well. (To find out all of this the hard way, burn potatoes into your baking pan over…and over…and over…)

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