Beach Ultimate in Hawaii

I guess I haven’t written about Ultimate in awhile. Luckily for you, I have a few Ultimate themed posts planned for the next few weeks! For now though, I’ll start with some beach photos.

To be honest I’m not typically a huge beach Ultimate fan, but Hawaii is on it’s way to changing my mind. Call me crazy, but slogging through sand, for a short field 4 on 4, stalls to 5, make-it-take-it kind of game just isn’t my thing. Beach ultimate as played in New York or Florida is brutal. It’s exhausting, windy, either freezing or boiling out, and with the latter sand that literally burns the feet. The few times I’d played just hadn’t convinced me that it was the game for me. (I’m much more a cleat up and get muddy kinda gal.)

Hawaii Beach Ultimate, however, is a different game entirely. Think 5 on 5 and short field, but otherwise normal Ultimate complete with end zones, stalls to 10 and pulls to start each point. With a bonus of an amazingly beautiful backdrop.

The ocean is always in-bounds, and whoever reaches the disc first gets possession (making ocean points highly desirable). Except on days like today, when ocean points are also called man-o-war points. Find the disc, avoid the jelly fish. Lets just say I wasn’t going anywhere near the ocean today!

This is Mega. Besides being one of the commissioners of the league, she’s also the only other woman on my team that showed up for every game for all 6 weeks. Actually, for most of the weeks she’s the only other woman that showed up at all. Put that into a 3-2 league format (3 men, 2 women on the field), and two games every day perspective and lets just say we got lots of play time!

6 weeks of great Ultimate, great people, and lots of fun. This honestly might be the most spirited league I’ve played in ever. We always cheered for the other team after the game, we played lots of spirit games, and there were raffle tickets given out to the most spirited man and woman on each team (by the opposing team) after each game. Definitely an excellent introduction to Hawaii ultimate!



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