A Spur of the Moment Post on Mother Appreciation

I have a good mother. A very very good mother.

She puts up with a lot. As soon as I finished school I picked up and moved to Florida. Then I decided that wasn’t far enough and picked back up and moved to Hawaii instead. I take daily pictures of the sun and sea and singular white cloud in the sky to send her, lamenting the weather in Hawaii. Constantly reminding her how lucky she is to live in NY where she doesn’t have to bother with things like sun, breezy weather, or rainbows. (I know, I know – I’m a terrible daughter, but I just can’t help it!)

Anyways, I called her last week on a very important issue: pHisoderm. It’s this special soap that I’ve been using since I was a kid to ward off cold sores. The cold sores are a gift from my father’s genetics, and attack without warning or mercy leaving me desolate and awkward (more so than usual), occurring  without fail on weeks when I have important client meetings. It’s a tragedy (really), and the only cure is pHisoderm. The problem is I’ve only ever been able to find pHisoderm at Wegmans (the best grocery store of all time).

So when I felt a cold sore start to break out and couldn’t find my magical cure, I did what any sensible daughter would do. Called my Mom and begged her to send me some! She laughed at me, told me I was ridiculous and to look online.

Abandoned! Betrayed by my own mother! She wanted me to *gasp* take responsibility for my own cure?

It turned out to be an anti-climatic tragedy. The cold sore went away without ever developing, and I promptly forgot to go online and look for the soap. (It seemed much less important without the horror of cold sore humiliation looming).

Imagine my surprise when I came home tonight to a box and a note “Hope this is what you were looking for”

A year’s supply of pHisoderm. Straight from Amazon to me. This from the same Mom who drove cross country with me 3 months ago, shipped my cat to me 1 month ago, and is searching for my Adobe CDs in boxes of packed stuff as we speak. Yes, it is definitely a day for Mother’s Appreciation. Anyone else with me?



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