Big Ideas are Meant for Sharing

Ideas like these are why I wanted to be in advertising:

Advertising, especially when mixed with social media, has the ability to be about so much more than just selling things.

It’s about starting a movement, connecting with people, sharing big ideas and making a statement.

About once or twice a month I visit to remind me of that.  It’s to easy to get mixed up in the daily grind and think that churning out the next media plan is the point, when it’s not. The point is being involved in an industry that produces the above work, and doing my part to share big ideas with the people around me.

Everyone should have some way of getting back to the original point. Remembering why it is they chose what they chose and love what they do.

How do you remember what your original point was?

*Note: Post originally written and posted 7/2011. It was taken down with the rest of my posts when I re-launched the blog in December. Ironically, re-launching the blog was an attempt to get back to the original point of writing Branded, which is exactly what this post was about. 


One thought on “Big Ideas are Meant for Sharing

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