Photos from Oahu’s Windward Coast

It’s been a few weeks since I talked about all my intentions to explore Hawaii this year, and enjoy the time that I get to spend here. I haven’t forgotten about my plan to explore and post every week, but my  broken hard drive definitely slowed me down a bit.

Last weekend we went to Hanauma Bay,  which is a state park beach on the island. The bay is surronded by mountain on three sides, and protected by reef in the water. If you look at the pictures the brown spots in the water are the reef, which is barely inches below the water in some places. Because it’s so secluded it makes it an excellent place for snorkeling. In order to help preserve the Bay, only 3,000 cars are let in each day. After that the gates close and no one new is let in until the next morning.

We got up early and were at the Bay by 8:00. We did some snorkeling, but the water was cold and the sun was still hiding so we cut the trip a little short. Instead, since we were already on the east side of the island, we decided to keep driving and see what sights we could find.

It was a perfect morning and early afternoon. I’ll admit (relieved to have my computer and editing software back, finally), I did some playing around with the pictures, but I think the beauty of Hawaii speaks for itself.

We had an awesome time just driving randomly down the East coast of the Island. Next stop.. turtle hunting on North Shore.


Thank you to everyone who has visited and liked this post! I only posted my favorites here, but the complete series can be found on Flickr.


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