Nerdiness, CNET and Fun New Blogging Software

All these downloads that I don’t need, may never use and yet, want anyways.

While I was looking for a way to organize my Itunes library and all the unlabeled music in it, I ran across a suggestion to look on CNET. I was desperate to get the 5,000+ songs under control, many of which were unlabeled and most of which I don’t remember how I got. CNET turned out to be both an excellent suggestion, and a magnificent time waster. How did I not know about this site before? I promptly spent the rest of my night scrolling through free downloads, instead of writing a blog post or updating my mint account like I had originally planned.

I realize it makes me a complete nerd, but I love playing with organizational and note-taking software. I was one of those kids that always loved buying binders and highlighters for the new school year.

I still have to mess around with some of the software I found, but there was a whole section of blogging software. I especially liked the look of Writemonkey, which lets you write your posts in full screen, and IIS Logfile Analyser, which gives information on visitor traffic to a site.

I also downloaded some brainstorming and mind mapping software that I have no idea to use. And I haven’t even gotten to the photo editing software yet. Clearly I’m headed towards a productive week!

If you’re at all like me and enjoy the geekier side of the internet, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at CNET.



One thought on “Nerdiness, CNET and Fun New Blogging Software

  1. Not to be a pain in the butt, but your CNET link is broken (The other two are fine, even if you spelled Writemonkey wrong.) 😛

    ~Your loving sister

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