ACoW – Advertising Campaign of the Week

Although it’s only print, this is definitely a campaign I think is worth highlighting:

So why do I like this campaign? Well one I think the creative is perfect. I love the sketch-like feel of it. More importantly though, I think the messaging is something that needs to be approached more aggressively by parents before their kids go to college.

Though I’ll never tell her she was right, my Mom delivered a huge ultimatum to me right in my senior year of high school and she should have. She told me if I declared an English Lit major (exactly like I was planning on) she wouldn’t help me pay for any of the tuition, unless I could deliver a detailed plan on how I would leverage my degree into a real job.

At the time upset would have been an understatement. I was livid that she was telling me how to live my brand new grown-up college life, but in the end she was right. Although I did and still would like to be a published author someday, it wasn’t a realistic goal for paying bills immediately upon graduating. If I had pursued the degree I wanted, I wouldn’t be where I am today, and that would have been unfortunate since I’m in Hawaii.

Honestly though, I wish my parents had started talking to me about a career path much sooner. By the time Mom delivered her ultimatum I was months away from being done with my senior year and convinced I didn’t need her advice. It wasn’t the right time to push me further down the path of considering the future. That’s exactly what I needed though: more direction.

Instead of English, I went for a Journalism degree with a concentration in Public Relations. I didn’t really have a passion for Journalism, but I didn’t have any better ideas so I figured why not. At least I would get to write. I also took a smattering of organizational communication classes, just becasue. The reality of paying off college loans hadn’t really hit yet.

It started to feel a little real in my Junior year. I was beginning to realize at that point that maybe Journalism wasn’t the right path for me. That was when I started buckling down and pulling my 3.5 GPA up to the 3.9-4.0 where it should have been. Then in Senior year I *really* started to panic and began looking into master’s programs. I did not want to graduate and end up working as a hostess somewhere. So I took out more loans, found the best school for what I wanted to do, and signed my next decade away in student loans.

I’m not saying I regret any of my choices. I think both experiences, New Paltz (undergrad) and Syracuse (grad), are integral to the person I am and where I ended up. But I do acknowledge that with more direction earlier on, I may have had a better understanding of what a good career path was earlier on and saved myself a lot of loans.

Although the examples in the print ads are clearly exaggerated, they do make an important point. It’s never too soon to start helping a kid think about what they love and how they can do what they love in their job. Now, just one more ad (because it cracks me up):

Campaign via I Believe in Advertising



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