ACoW – Advertising Campaign of the Week

I started Branded in part because I have a love for truly creative and fun advertising. Although I’ve posted about advertising intermittently, more and more I’ve drifted away from it as a focus. Maybe it’s working in such close quarters with the designers at OrangeRoc, or maybe it’s just having time to start focusing on writing and Branded again, but I’m paying more attention to unusual and fun advertising than I have since my master’s program at Syracuse.

My favorite find for the day is 7-Eleven’s BYO Cup of the Day, an integrated campaign from Melbourne, Australia. It’s a little old (September, 2011), but still a great find.

The campaign was built around the concept of changing the one thing about Slurpees that had never before changed: the cup. For one day consumers could bring their own cups to fill. The brilliance of the campaign was in the inherent social aspect of it. By allowing consumers to post suggestions and photos of potential cups online, Slurpee had a built in print campaign, with gaurenteed buzz afterwards, by creating a video of the day’s 7-eleven madness.


The campaign was unexpected and out of the box in the best way possible. It’s creative advertising like this that connects with consumers in a way that goes beyond product benefits, to an undefinable brand loyalty (a lovemark as Saatchi & Saatchi’s Kevin Roberts would call it).

Campaign by Leo Burnett Australia via The Inspiration



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