Plans for 1 year (or 15 months), I get to live in Hawaii

Now that I’m officially living in Hawaii, complete with apartment, job, car and the first round of visitors come and gone, everything is settling into a comfortable routine. With the exception of one broken computer, and ubuntu still not working on the netbook, things look sunny from where I’m sitting in Honolulu.

This weekend Dave and I invested in our first piece of wall art. A $6 dive guide map of Oahu from the Franko’s Map series.

Oahu Dive Map - The Gathering Place

Yes, it’s touristy. It’s brightly colored and horrible¬†gimmicky. It’s also incredible useful. Dive sites are pointed out with the name, depth, whether it’s a beach entry or boat entry, any currents or other hazards a diver should be aware of, and fish that are commonly at the site.

I’ve been moving non-stop since I left Florida in mid-March. Dave and I have been on the move since touch down in April. We found our apartment the same weekend we landed, and moved in a few days later. I interviewed that whole first week I was here, started working in the first month. Our stuff arrived out of storage the same time my car arrived on the boat. (It literally arrived at the same time.) The movers called while we were driving up and down Salt Lake trying to find the office I was picking my car at. Dave had to drop me on the street and rush back to the apartment, to not miss the movers.

In the midst of this I had a little run in with my taxes. Apparently the office of Social Security had my birth date wrong. That took a few hours or paperwork and sitting to fix. Then just when we had everything unpacked and ready to live in, Dave’s parents and sister arrived for a week.

Now that we’re past all that (last step is to ship Kaie here, and that should happen in a week or two), we finally have time to start enjoying the fact that we’re living in Hawaii.

That’s where Franko’s map comes in. Dave’s not a diver (yet), but the map also points out snorkeling sites. Actually, after scouring the dive map of Oahu, I promptly bought the rest of the guide and dive maps in the series for Maui, Kauai, Molokai, and the Big Island. Of course we had to buy pins to go in the maps. How else are we going to know where we’ve been and where we want to go next?

My goal for every weekend is to experience something local to the Hawaiian Islands. Be it diving/snorkeling, hiking, local farmers markets, trips to other islands, or exploring a Hawaiian recipe book, my goal for this year is to enjoy it to the fullest. After all, how many times in your life do you get to spend a year in Hawaii?



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