Computer Troubles are the Worst

Why is it when one computer crashes, both crash?

I’ve been doing so well. I haven’t irreparably broken a computer since 2009. I was on a roll. A veritable streak of good computer luck. I knew it couldn’t last.

I shut my laptop down one night, just like I do every night. At the same time I decided to update Ubuntu, the linux system I use on my netbook. The next morning I went to start my laptop up and it crashed. Immediately. And hasn’t started since. I eventually gave up and booted up my newly updated netbook…. and the mouse doesn’t work. Like at all. I think the update uninstalled the driver or something? But I really don’t know enough about Ubuntu to fix it on my own. I had to have my sister install the system for me. That’s how linux illiterate I am.

And of course this happened right after I moved to Hawaii, away from all my computer saavy friends. Katy (the sister), just left for Thailand for the next 6 months, so I can’t even call her for a consultation.

So why is it exactly, that my computers *always* die at the same time? (Katy would say they do it in solidarity.  She thinks she’s funny like that.)

Anyways, this may slow posts and updates for the next week or so. Which is a shame, because I visited the Valley of Temples today, and got some great photos (which I can’t edit without my laptop).

As soon as my computer is back up and running I’ll put up some photos from the Valley of Temples, and update April in Photos to May. In the meantime, I’d highly recommend Katy’s blog on her trip to Thailand. The photos are beautiful and I’m crazy proud and jealous of her right now!



2 thoughts on “Computer Troubles are the Worst

  1. You probably need to reinstall, though I’m not sure why – I’ve been updating the same thing you have and it hasn’t had any issues. When you say “hasn’t started since”, do you mean, “tries for a while and then freezes”, “tries and then shuts itself down”, or “the power button, it does nothing”?

  2. The laptop gets about halfway to loading… sometimes. It’ll start to load windows and then it will stop and freeze until I stop it. Ubuntu and the netbook is a pain all of its own. I have to load to windows because the mouse doesn’t work at all anymore in the linux part of the partition.

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