Sunday Roll-up

Today’s Sunday roll-up is recipe focused. Since moving to Hawaii I’ve been trying to make an effort to cook more and cook healthy. is a great resource, obviously, but Pinterest has also been a huge help in finding interesting ideas. Here’s some things I’d like to try in the next few weeks:


Two other good resources I’ve found for healthy recipes are The Picky Eater and Skinny Taste. Of course in the course of searching for healthy food, I’ve also found a ton of less than healthy things to try. I’m not going to put them up here and tempt everyone else, but I’m keeping a running list of things to try on a “Delicious” board on Pinterest.

Side note: Discovery of the night is using embedded code from Pinterest for Branded is not easy in terms of formatting. Either I need to learn html, or… no, there’s no or. I just need to learn more html.

Have a great Monday everyone!



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