Sunday Roll-Up

Today’s blog roll-up doesn’t have any ineresting news stories or funny commercials, but if you have a few minutes, the sites and add-ons below are worth checking out:

Springpad: An online organization tool that takes care of shopping lists, reading lists, to do tasks and much more. On the surface it sounds like just about every other organization tool out there. What’s cool about Springpad is that it brings relevant information to your attention. It’ll send you reviews, price information, competitive pricing and much more, and of course, it syncs up across all your wireless devices.

Collusion: An add on for Mozilla or Chrome that lets you see what third party websites are tracking your information.

First the add-on shows you a large graph of what sites are tracking your information, highligting the ones that are tracking for a third party site in red.

If you hover over a specific circle it will show you what sites it is tracking you for.

When I visited the Chrome version there was a link right on the website that I downloaded the app from to block all the third-party tracking websites. Although the tracking doesn’t bother me all that much (I’m knee deep in media anyways), I can understand why it may bother other people and this add on is perfect for anyone who wants to know who is tracking them.

Wordnik: A mix of a dictionary, Fliker, a thesaurus and more, this is a great sites for writers and inspiration. Just type in a word or phrase and see what is associated with it, from definitions and examples to lists, tweets and visuals.

What’s Public: Another Chrome add-on, it lets you look at what information is readily available on google from all your social sites. This is a good way to check how secure your privacy settings are (and whether you need to tighten them up a bit).

Hope everyone had as great a weekend as I did!



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