Partial Hiatus Update… Almost over!

My cross country road trip adventure is over. The Kia is officially on a boat headed to Hawaii and I’ve been here for almost two weeks now. I’m not sure how I thought the whole end of the adventure would go, but I was pretty sure my partial hiatus would be over by now. I’ve always been a little optimistic about timelines for this type of thing though!

It’s been a whirlwind of activity since I landed on the Island. From apartment searching, cleaning, unpacking, setting things up for Kaie to join us, working around only one car, interviews, and trying to populate the apartment with small necessities (like dishes and food) there’s barely been a moment to breath, much less write.

I’ve taken pictures, of course, but our best day was hiking up Diamondhead and I managed to over expose almost every shot. I was hoping Diamondhead would be my first post from Oahu, but I’m still working my way through the pictures trying to photoshop some color into them! For reference here’s a sample of a non-photoshopped picture:

On the bright side, I did learn some valuable lessons about my camera that day. I don’t think I’ll run into this problem again!

In the meantime, although I haven’t been keeping up with writing, I have been mostly keeping up on my reading. Here’s some stories from the online, social, and marketing sphere that are worth checking out.

Google Spends More on One Day of Lunch than it will on FCC Fine
Not so much worried about the amount of the fine, as why Google is being fined. If you only read one of my articles, read this one. It brings to the forefront a problem that is only going to become more and more prevalent, internet privacy and how much data companies can legally collect without consumer knowledge.

Spotify Launches Brand Apps
How Spotify is hoping to utilize brand apps to entice additional advertising dollars for the platform.

Brands on Pinterest: To $ or not to $? 
A Mashable study discussing the fall-off off re-pinning on Pinterest when brands affix their own price tag to an image.

and just for fun…

Smart’s Newest Campaign (Germany – BBDO)

I love this idea! If you want to see more awesomely creative advertising check out CreativeCriminals, which is where I found this ad.

That’s all I have for now, but I’m planning on going back to a few posts a week fairly soon.



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