The long road home

For some reason I really thought I’d have a little more time to write during the whole moving process. I knew I wouldn’t have a ton of time, but I saw myself at least writing post-drive back to New York and pre-wisdom teeth removal. Unfortunately that didn’t happen!

However I am determined to write and post a few pictures (at the very least), before part 2 of the journey: The Road Trip to San Diego.

The drive up the East Coast wasn’t quite the epic road trip I was expecting. This was probably a good thing, because “epic” usually comes with a few trials to over come. (Flat tires, escapee kitties, getting lost in DC, etc.)

Ok, so I did get lost in DC… and in Raleigh… but other then that it was smooth sailing.

Friday (3/16) I left Ft. Lauderdale and headed as far as Cocoa. I stayed Saturday, visiting with my cousins and my Grandparents. Saturday I went hunting wild suburban peacocks with the Grandparents and cousin #7. (Hunting with my camera, of course!)

It was pretty incredible. Within 20 minutes of driving around we must have found 4 flocks, for a total of 50-75 birds hanging out in the streets and people’s front yards. They’re beautiful birds, but I can’t imagine the noise and mess they must make!

Sunday morning, bright and early, I packed Kaie into my car and headed to Raleigh. I turned a 12 hour car trip into a 16 hour trip with traffic and brief detour into Savannah. Gunx, the team I started at SUNY New Paltz in 2007, was at a week long tournament called High Tide. I would have taken pictures, but at 10 AM they were barely up! It was quite an honor actually to have them wake up after driving straight through the night to reach Savannah by Sunday morning. Such are the adventures of Spring Break in college!

After a brief visit Kaie and I hit the road again. By that time (after a night in my Aunt’s garage and meeting my Ultimate Frisbee team), Kaie had basically decided the real world was scary. She curled up in the cage, fell asleep and stayed that way for the rest of the day and a half car ride.

Saturday I stayed in Raliegh and took a hike with my Aunt. That’s where we found this little guy.

He was so small, we almost missed him while we were walking. He blended right into the concrete path we were on. A year and a half in Florida, living a half mile off the beach, and I never saw a wild turtle until I took a hike in Raleigh! Life is quirky like that sometimes, I guess. Anyways, I rescued him off the path and we continued on our merry way.

Monday I took off with Kaie again. I made another detour, this time into Washington DC. Unfortunately it was slightly less successful than my Savannah detour. I started the day by losing an hour getting lost in Raleigh. Then somehow, I picked the one section of the DC thruway with massive construction as the meeting place for my friend and I. What looked like a friendly plaza 5 minutes off the thruway was actually a GIGANTIC mall and before I knew it I had navigated myself into and out of the parking lot. Eventually I did find a shady place to park, and let Kaie continue her nap of blissful ignorance, and wandered around the DC mall for a few hours.

I finally made it back to Rochester, NY at 9 PM Monday night (start time was 6 AM). Long, but successfully un-adventurous overall. I’m not quite sure what I expected from the experience. It’s the first long trip I’ve taken on my own. At the end of the day it wasn’t nearly as boring, or as enlightening as I thought it would be, but I’m glad I made the drive on my own.

Once I reached home the real challenge began. Un-packing, re-packing, visiting, and having my wisdom teeth removed. I have to ask: What is it with parents and taking pictures of their children while miserable? And then showing those pictures to other people?

I was visiting with yet another Aunt and set of cousins today, and the first thing she did was pull out a picture of Cousin #2’s chipmunk cheeks post surgery. He looked about as happy as I did here:

(In case you’re wondering, the cousin numbering system is based on age. Though #1 would probably argue it’s a favortism scale!)

A day and a half more to go, one family party and a million things to pack, plus a car to clean and then I’m on my way to San Diego!

Isn’t being in your twenties exciting?



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