Partial Hiatus for Hawaii

I set a goal for myself in January to post at least twice a week to Branded. I did a fairly good job through January and the first half of February, and then the post count started to drop off.

Unfortunetly this whole move to Hawaii thing has started sucking up the majority of my free time. I probably should have seen this coming! The next few weeks are going to be sort of hectic as I…

  • Pack up my apartment and
  • Drive up the East coast back to NY so I can
  • Have my wisdom teeth pulled and all that entails
  • While un-packing the stuff I’m leaving and re-packing the stuff I’m taking.
  • Hopefully there will be some post surgery pain killers involved. That should make packing fun! And will definitely delay continued posts to Branded.
  • Then (after I don’t need the pain killers anymore) drive cross country, NY to CA, so I can drop my car in San Diego and
  • Catch a one way flight to Honolulu, HI by the first week in April!

It’s going to be fun! Meanwhile I really am trying to pack up/clean the apartment, but it’s not as easy as it sounds! Here’s a snapshot of how the process is going…

It’s past ridiculous! Every bag, box, and container I set on the floor, every drawer, closet or cupboard I open she hops into and then just looks at me like she’s saying, “What?”

How am I supposed to get anything done like this??

Clearly the packing is going spectacularly! But really… wish me luck. I’m going to need it to get everything done on time!



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