Saturday in the Sun

Friday night I declared that I was going to to wake up and watch the sunrise over Cocoa Beach the next morning. Unsurprisingly my cousins met this declaration with  laughter and fond teasing. They well know I’m not a huge morning person. Usually the only thing that’ll get me up and moving before 8 on a Saturday is Ultimate.

Maybe it’s just getting older, but there’s something about starting the day out with a project or a goal that is really energizing. Even I was a little surprised with the amount of enthusiasm that I pulled myself out of bed with at 6a on Saturday. I made it out to the beach just after dawn and spent the next hour taking pictures and watching the waves.

Later that morning  my youngest cousin wandered in to kitchen and saw me already sitting with my coffee. It was still pretty early, only about 7:45, and he couldn’t pass up the opportunity to poke a little more. With a wide grin he asked, “Back from the beach already?” His voice just a little mocking, he clearly expected me to say I just woke up.

I smiled serenely at him and replied, “Actually I am. Want to see?” And showed him what my morning looked like from the edge of the East Coast:

Although I’m not above using  photoshop occasionally to get the type of contrast I want out of a picture, I think it’s worth mentioning that in this case I didn’t have to. All these photos are posted exactly as I took them.



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