Two years and several attempts to start a blog, it’s about time to look at my writing habits, and admit that I may have some self-imposed obstacles to success.

I’ve never been one for picking apart my habits publicly, but in the spirit of a fresh start in 2012, here are the 5 habits that have limited my ability to start a successful blog:

  • I over think projects to much. I get so caught up in revisions and self critiques that at the end of the day I still don’t have a post that I like well enough to publicize.
  • Verbosity. I like words. The more convoluted the sentence and the longer the description, the better (in my mind anyways). There is something powerful in the ability to fully express an idea with brevity, but I rarely choose that path in my writing.
  • Too many things to do. Ultimate frisbee, photography, reading, crafts, cooking, traveling. I love being busy, but I am not always the best at prioritizing Branded along with everything else.
  • Lack of a schedule. (^See above for reference)
  • Workaholicism: great for my career, terrible for everything else. A 10-11 hour day is nothing most weeks. It’s not that I mind putting the hours in, but at the end of a 10 hour day it is hard to continue focusing. It requires a type of mental discipline that I am still learning.

We’re getting close to the New Year, and 2012 is going to bring some exciting and life-changing moments (more on that later!) Working on the above habits won’t be cataclysmically life-changing, but the world turns on small, every day decisions. This self-evaluation is about those small decisions:

A decision to take more control – to schedule my time better – make a real commitment to my goals – write with brevity – stop over thinking. And, most importantly, enjoy the adventures that the 2012 is sure to bring.



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